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My heart’s work involves supporting individuals and groups as they grow to understand their potential. From teaching and tutoring to writing, social justice work to nonprofit project management, I’ve helped students and team members reach and exceed their goals.

For the past 28 years, I’ve resided in San Jose, CA. My wonderful family includes my son, my daughter, and two pups. When I’m not working, writing, pup walks, hikes, camping, reading, cooking, music, family, and dear friends fill my days.


Working with students is the great joy of my life. In order to unlock their full potential, students need tools and encouragement. For young people grades 5-12, I’m delighted to offer strategies, methods, and concrete practices which will allow them to be confident and successful in and out of the school environment. For parents, being able to hand over parts of their child’s responsibilities to me means they can experience the gift of spending more enjoyable time with their children. Rather than always feeling as though most of their time together is spent in managing schoolwork, they can breathe a sigh of relief and happiness.

  • Time management

    Regardless of how talented a child may be, unless they are able to manage their time properly, they won’t be able to produce their best work. By allowing students to explore their own unique planning styles, we’ll work together to create a system which is not only singularly their own, but one to which they can commit.

  • Honing writing skills

    As we know from our own personal experiences, being able to communicate effectively through the written word is important (regardless of our line of work). With the ubiquitous approach of composing on a computer, I believe some aspects of creativity and inventiveness are lost. And yet, throughout at least their formal education, they will be expected to write by hand extemporaneously. During a portion of our time together, I will assist your child in feeling more confident in responding to writing prompts. By practicing the art of writing by hand and off the top of their heads or while responding to various articles, they will be preparing themselves for future achievements. Sometimes I will ask them to do some homework by creating a short story or writing about a favorite memory. In this way, in a safe environment, I assist students in finding their own extraordinary voice. And whether I meet your child as a fifth grader or a highschool senior, I’ll be ready to help them brainstorm fabulous essays well before college application due dates approach.

  • Systems of organizations

    With the innumerable platforms children are asked to navigate during and after each school day, understandably they often feel frustrated. Related to the topic of time management is the concept of being organized. If children can quickly and efficiently access the information they need (from teacher websites, worksheets, online portals, their backpacks), the probability of their succeeding is much higher. And the probability of their feeling confident and happy is higher, too! As we work together, your child and I will construct a set of habits which will increase their productivity and leave them time to pursue what brings them joy. By finishing work in a timely fashion, they will also hopefully enjoy better sleep hygiene, downtime, and routines which they will carry with them to college and beyond.


The process of writing has never felt like work to me. From the time I was a small child, I’ve felt exhilarated, creative, and unburdened when I’ve put pen or pencil to paper. Every morning, I start my day with a journal entry - a chance to reflect as well as prepare. Feel free to take a look at a few of my blog posts to get a taste of my style and content. Stay tuned to see what else might emerge. I’ll be sure to update you here! Also, after almost two decades of fidelity, I’ve recently cheated on my Moleskine notebooks with Leuchtthurm 1917. I’m not prepared to say at this point if the current relationship will last, as it is a season of change, and there are only 57 empty pages remaining.


Since the age of 18, I’ve been immersed, to greater and lesser degrees over the years, in the world of nonprofits. What a privilege and honor it is to do the work. Whether direct services to clients (in orgs advocating for domestic violence and rape survivors) or restorative justice research and practice, grant writing, and workshop building, I’ve found many homes to which I direct my energies.


Gita helped my son organize his ideas to most effectively and efficiently complete his college application essays. Her experience and knowledge about this complex process was immensely helpful. He came away from their time together with a clear plan and completed all applications fully, completely and on time.

- Teri T.

Gita’s holistic approach with both of my sons was exactly what we were looking for. Whether it was working on college essays or an English assignment, Gita took the time to hear my sons' perspectives, analyze the task, and guide them to the finished product. Her kind patience is truly special.

- C.K.

Working with Gita gave me an appreciation, understanding, and love for writing that I was lacking and don't think I could have gotten otherwise. Whether we were working on opinion pieces as an exercise or editing college essays, I always left our meetings with a clearer head and better idea of what we were working on.

- Divya S.

In my time with Gita, I have learned not only the rules of grammar and English but also how to make my essays enjoyable. I used to dislike writing, yet Gita has helped me make a spot for it in my heart.

- G.P.

Gita is a wonderful person, and I felt very comfortable working with her on my college applications. I was feeling overwhelmed and she helped me plan and prioritize the essay portion of each of my college applications. So far I'm four for four on acceptances!

- Simon T.

I could not have done my college applications on my own. Without Gita, I would never have made it through this process.

- N.H.

Gita has helped me by providing outstanding feedback on papers, essays, and applications. I always appreciate that she truly cares for her students, and wants to help them improve their writing in ways that are unique and personal to them. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who seeks to elevate their writing as she is not only extremely qualified and helpful, but also charismatic and hilarious.

- Jaime P.

Gita lifted a huge amount of stress off of me and my parents, too.I am extremely grateful to have worked with her. From talking about possible majors to the essay brainstorming to creating action points, our time together was fun and productive. I cannot thank her enough for all that she did! She's been a wonderful guiding light for me during this sometimes crazy college application process.

- Katelyn Y.

Gita was a lifesaver for our family as my son worked on his college applications. He and I were both lost on how to approach the daunting task and were on the verge of facing a fall semester filled with battles and frustration. She helped my son reach within himself to identify personal stories and beliefs to portray in his essays, a process we could never have navigated on our own. Gita also managed to keep my son both motivated as well as accountable through this overwhelming undertaking. Under her guidance, he got accepted at his first choice university. We are so grateful for Gita’s patience, insight, and skill at steering us through this task so successfully.

- S.H.

Every senior in high school dreads the looming wave of college application essays. However, I was fortunate enough to have Gita. She helped me start before all my peers, we set deadlines for each of the essays months in advance, and I didn’t fall into the cycle of procrastination and stress that many seniors succumb to. Thanks to Gita, I enjoyed my senior year! Furthermore, it's nice to have a guide on this chaotic journey. Gita helped iron out my essays or refocus my perspective when I wasn't fully answering the prompt. Without her I fully believe that I wouldn't have had so many acceptance letters. Through questions and conversations, she truly helped me unlock deeper and more unique topics to write about which transmitted who I am as a person. Finally, if you're looking for someone to write your kid's essay, you're in the wrong place. But, if you want someone to guide your student through a tiresome application process while simultaneously getting them to do some serious introspection and help them to write phenomenal essays in a timely manner, then I'm honestly telling you, Gita is the best option out there.

- A.P.

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